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What makes Magic Rummy App Most Transparent?

Features like game replay, fair gameplay, instant withdrawal, fastest KYC make Magic Rummy App most transparent. Our VIP Service assist all players and resolves their pain points


Attention! Due to state Regulation users from Andhra Pradesh Assam, Orissa, Telangana, Sikkim and Nagaland are restricted to play on Magic Rummy App

Why Choose Magic Rummy App?

Trusted by 2 Crore+ Indians

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Unique Game Modes

Explore Pool 51

7 Cards Rummy

Play with 2 Joker

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Fantastic Leagues

Win 10 lakh every week

Free roll tournaments

Mega reward in Holl league

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Earn Rs. 3500 per friend

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At Magic Rummy App, We believe the Family that plays together, stays together

You will find all the popular game modes here

Play Magic T23

If you don't believe in luck, here's a perfect game for you. Magic T23 is India's first Innovative real money card game.

If you have skills, then you can play this game of skill, Magic T23, Kyuki isme skill hai boss! You just have to use your skill to arrange the 7 cards in T (2)-2-3 format in the best hand rankings! 2-8 players can participate in Magic T23. The game is played with 56 cards (1 deck + 4 magic cards). Play Magic T23, Kyuki isme skill hai boss!

Play Point Rummy

If you are a beginner and want to make quick , Point rummy is a great start.

The best part is you can finish the game in just 1 round. This mode can also be called Sit & Go. So, play point rummy when you have little time and get rewards. This mode is played with 13 cards each, 2 decks plus 2 jokers. You can choose whether you want to play with 2 or 3+ players. Remember, your aim is to score the lowest point. What are you waiting for? Play this fastest variant with zero wait time on Magic Rummy App.

Play Pool Rummy

Stuck in traffic? Long waiting time in clinic? Or stranded in long queues outside Thekas!

Here we go with India's favorite mode, Pool Rummy because the waiting time is too long for everything in our country, right?. It has 2 modes but we offer you 3, Yes you have heard it right, 101, 201 and 51. To find out more about 51 mode, Play Magic Rummy App today. In Pool Rummy, the player whose deadwood is high gets eliminated in each round. So, earn money in your free time with Magic Rummy App.

Play Deal Rummy

It takes a great deal of daring to play Deal Rummy.

Do you like challenges? Then this mode is made for you because there's no option to drop the game and save your points. As the name says, the game is played for a pre- defined number of deals. Deals Rummy is played using two decks including Jokers. There are 4 ways to play deal rummy: 2 players, 3 players, 4-5 players, and 6 players mode. Challenge your limits and play deal rummy on Magic Rummy App..

Play Rummy Tournaments

Don't you wish that your Rummy Games offer all kind of tournaments - , Free- Roll, Knockout (Fast Mode).

Play at India's No.1 Rummy App Rs 510 Welcome Bonus of Signup. Enjoy Leagues, Daily Tournaments and Leaderboards, 51 Pool Rummy and much more. Get your winning instantly in your bank account.

In a Free-Roll tournament you can join the tournament for free and win up to Rs 10,000. Remember our seats fill out very fast (mostly in first 30 minutes). So, keep checking our app and notifications.

Tournaments, are great for you if you are prefer higher rewards. Win bigger rewards when you join these tournaments with an entry fee.

Scratch 4 Times

If you have an itch, scratch it :-P ! And this scratching can give your rewards.

On Magic Rummy App you can scratch 4 times in a day and collect - collectibles, , tickets, coupon codes. Well they will all help you save more money. So if you are someone who likes to get more return on your investment, always remember to scratch.

And if you do this for 1 month you can win - 1st Prize of Rs 9999, or the 2nd prize of Rs 5000 or the third prize of Rs 1500. Be wise with your moneY!!

VIP Benefits

At Magic Rummy App, we know that player is VIP. When you play with real money, foremost you need real trust and best customer support.

Our well trained customer service team is always available at (call or whatsapp) 9999175609 . Facing issues related to deposit or withdrawal? Or losing games frequently? Or not able to get good deposit offers? Or facing technical issues? Don't worry, our customer service team will help you find all solutions on 9999175609

Rs 10 Lakhs League

When you play you play to Win!

Get a chance to win 10 lakhs every week! What are you waiting for? Come to Magic rummy get the mega rewards. The first prize is 50,000, second prize is 30,000 and third is Rs 20,000.

Best Deals

Magical Deals only on Magic Rummy App

We have new offers & deals everyday.

Refer and Earn: When your friends play you win too - Bring your friends to Magic Rummy App and get Rs 3500 per friend. Best part is you can invite unlimited friends. So hurry and share your referral code on whatsapp, facebook, instagram, youtube with all your friends and followers. Some of our players have earned Rs 1Lakh+ monthly using our referral program.


Magic Rummy App provides me more thrill and genuine challenge which excites me to play more & more. Money is an add on benefit. I won Rs 30,000 in 1 month!

This rummy game has a MAGICAL effect on me. I feel alive. I am leading the Golden Ticket Race and will win Rs 10,000 this month. KYC approval happens in a day!

Amazing Instant Withdrawal! I got Rs 5,215 in just 2 mins in my Bank. I get VIP customer service from the start, that too in my local language.

Something magical happens everyday! Yesterday I won a Special Crown and 10 Golden Tickets. I get tired of organizing events and unwind with games at Magic Rummy App.

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